280 Slides Gets Smarter About Links (With Help From oEmbed)

You’ve probably heard about Firefox 3’s new Awesome Bar feature.  280 Slides has an “awesome bar” of its own.  One of the ways to get your media into 280 Slides is to enter the URL.  Before today, this only worked on images. Now, if you enter the URL of your favorite YouTube movie, we’ll add the actual movie right to your slide. Like this one:


Enter a URL to add media to 280 Slides

It’s not just for YouTube though, we’ve implemented a new protocol called oEmbed. Any link that comes from a site that supports oEmbed will behave the same way in 280 Slides. Here’s just a few of the examples of things that you can paste directly into 280 Slides:


And there’s quite a few more.  The list of oEmbed supporters is still relatively small, but as it continues to grow, we’ll get smarter and smarter!  Of course, we still support direct image links, as well as direct flash links (as best we can), meaning, if you want, you can even embed your favorite flash game right into your slide.  

So, go ahead and try it out.  Just enter a URL and see what happens.  If you wind up trying one we don’t support yet, send us a note, or leave a comment here.  If you’re a web developer, consider adding oEmbed support to your site (and send us a note when you do).  It’s easy to implement, and the benefits are obvious.

Update: I should have also mentioned that Deepak over at oohembed.com is providing a great proxy service by implementing oEmbed support for several sites that don’t have offer it on their own.  We’re using it in 280 Slides, and I hope they keep adding new sites!

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  • clubbeyourself
    Hi, I think it is great that you are using this technology. I run a site (based on laconi.ca) that uses this also. I think it would be great if you had this so that we could use the embed or url on those sites too, just like you can use on here. Might be an idea to get in touch with the guys and get them to add you.

  • automation tooling
    Firefox machine enthusiasts are sure to have a blast from this one! Great share!
  • Proxy List
    Awesome but it doesn't work with Mac and Firefox 3 :(
  • boucher
    Not sure what you mean. 280 Slides works fine in Firefox 3 on Mac and PC, and so does this feature (I just tried it out).
  • Ross
    do you have a link to the site you embedded the presentation on so we can try to figure out the problem?
  • david
    it works on my windows machine... but not on my mac using firefox
  • david
    I tried a video and it doesn't play when I've embed the presentation in another site?
  • Ross
    @davidhasson What do you mean by the Pipeline?
  • davidhasson
    Does this work in the Pipeline??
  • yonghweefoo
    Wow! This is pretty awesome.
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