Go Fullscreen with Plainview

One of the great ways to give your presentation is by downloading it as a PowerPoint file and using Microsoft’s free PowerPoint viewer. But you can actually use our built-in present mode and still go fullscreen! All you have to do is use a cool little application called Plainview. With Plainview, you can present in fullscreen and even use a remote control. Plainview has a bunch of other useful features, so the next time you want to give your presentation on a Mac, try out it out, it’s free!

View presentations in fullscreen with Plainview.

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  • Thomas
    Couldn't you achieve this with Fluidapp or the Saft plugin for Safari?
  • tlrobinson

    Yes both of those would work as well, but Saft isn't free, and neither lets you use a remote control.
  • tlrobinson
    p.s. I drink your milkshake!
  • bhorst
    Microsoft's free PowerPoint viewer? Why not recommend OpenOffice Impress for that?

    Speaking of which, I'd like to see how 280 Slides and OpenOffice can work together, it could be pretty interesting!
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