Import Existing Presentations

Last week we launched another brand new feature: Import. Now you don’t need to start from scratch to use 280 Slides. Just import one of your existing presentations and get back to work! To get started, you can click the Import button in our Welcome screen, or in the top left of the title bar.

We support PowerPoint 2003 (PPT), PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX), and Open Document Format (ODP) files, up to a maximum size of 25MB. 

You should also know, we’ve worked hard to make the transition as seamless as possible by not only importing your slides, but your masters and layouts as well, so that you can continue editing your presentation as if you’d never switched programs at all.

This has been our number one user requested feature since the day we launched, and we’re incredibly pleased to be able to provide it for you all. We’ve tested hundreds of existing presentations from around the net to offer the best experience we possibly can when working with your existing documents, but if you happen to come across one that isn’t up to your standards, send it to us at and we’ll get right on it.

  • John Allsopp
    This is fantastic guys!

    I know it is likely to be a non trivial challenge, but as soon as you import Keynote, I'm going to require our speakers to use 280Slides for our conferences. Great stuff

  • Mike
    Having tried your application, I think the number one thing it is missing is a right-click context menu. This may be because I am from the Windows/Linux side of things, but to me and others like me, being able to access formatting and editing options in this way is a crucial piece of the usability puzzle. I know it can be done since the collaboration application Zimbra is doing this right now. Other than that, this is very impressive work. Well done.
  • thomas18
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  • FloridaHealthInsuranceQuotes
    I’m not satisfied with the results when I uploaded a typical PowerPoint presentation that I use into Google docs presentation software (is there a simpler name?).

    It mangled the text and graphics enough so that re-editing is required. And, for a 40+ slide presentation, that’s too much work.
  • Wedding
    Sounds really good, Thank you guys I am sure this will be useful to a many people around the world including me...
  • Audit Report
    I don't understand how to import the presentation...
  • Beyond Mega Pixels
    Select the document from which you want to import and click Import. The outline of the Word document is inserted into the outline of the presentation, with all Heading 1-styled paragraphs becoming slide titles
  • Liftchair
    I can safely say that I was unprepared for experiencing such a leap in UI design for web applications. I've never seen such attention to detail in a web app's UI... I sincerely hope this sets a new standard for all of us web developers for usability in our web applications. Thanks 280 for pushing us forward.
  • Vancouver Web Design
    This is great information and the software works well. I would have to agree with the comment about the r-click - Im a nut for the r-click options. The only time i dont use it is with Word 07 where the formatting appears as a floating translucent window...
  • Karl
    Sounds really good, Thank you guys I am sure this will be useful to a many people around the world including me...
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  • Daniel
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