Now With Notes


Yesterday we launched another set of updates to 280 Slides. This time, the big new feature is presenter notes! Now you can make annotations along with your slides, and then refer back to them when you give your presentation.  

Just tap the new notes icon in the toolbar, and your notes will appear on the right hand side. When you go into Present mode, you’ll get a separate pop-up window with your notes that you can position wherever you like, or just close if you’re not interested. Notes are exported with PowerPoint, too, so you can use 280 Slides and still take advantage of the great speaker mode features in PowerPoint.

Also included in the release are centering guides (the pretty blue lines in the picture above) and autosave. Now, if you’re browser crashes, or you lose your internet connection in the middle of a save, or if anything at all goes wrong, you’ll be able to restore from a recent version and keep on working.  

Autosaved documents show up with a warning badge in the Open Panel.  When you open one, you’ll have the opportunity to restore either the autosave or the original. Just remember, autosave is a recovery tool, not a replacement for regular saving. You should still manually save, just like you do in your desktop programs. 

  • Sam
    Hi I was just wondering if North 280 had a rough idea on when they might be releasing Objective-J and Cappuccino to the public. Is there a mailing list I can sign up to?

  • Ross
    Hey Sam,

    We're not sure just yet when we'll be releasing, but it will be sometime in September. We'll post notes here and send e-mails out to people who have contacted us, but we don't have an actual mailing list yet.
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