Announcing Cappuccino

We don’t want to repeat ourselves too much across this blog and our new one, but this news is too important to pass up.  

Cappuccino, our web application framework built in Objective-J and modeled after Cocoa, is now available as an open source project at!

Francisco said it best:

We’re open sourcing this technology because we sincerely want to be part of a world where there are more high quality web applications like 280 Slides. We’ll be putting a lot of resources into Cappuccino in the future, and we plan to build a strong open source community around the development platform. We can’t wait to see where you take this with us.

Techcrunch also posted a great write-up.

Cappuccino is how we built 280 Slides, and it’s going to change the way people build web applications. So, head on over to and get started building your own app!

  • Dave S.
    Awesome guys! I'm so excited to try to build a great app with your framework. With these new advances in Javacript interpreters like Google Chrome, TraceMonkey, and SquirrelFish, we can finally take our web development skillsets and build great desktop apps for customers.
  • Nate Todd
    This looks fantastic and 280 Slides is just amazing. Great work guys!
  • Michael Jackson
    Very nice work with this! I'm definitely interested in trying this out as soon as possible!
  • smartalco
    You have simultaneously made several thousand nerds very happy and a certain OS company very pissed off.

    I only wish I could think of a project I want to do in Obj-J...
  • Online Chess Programs
    I am so glad to find this framework for the web applications. Instead of doing all or most of the work on the server, Cappuccino applications do as much as possible in the client. Very impressive.
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