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280 Slides was featured recently on CNET, in an article by Bob Walsh, who said, “I was able to create this three-slide presentation as easily as I would in Keynote, and more easily than if I had been using PowerPoint.”

He also mentions fellow CNET blogger Matt Assay, who also wrote about using 280 Slides, calling the experience “exceptional.”

In the last month we’ve seen a few tutorials posted to YouTube, including this one:

And we’ve received a lot of feedback via e-mail, blogs, and our in application feedback system. All in all, people are very happy with 280 Slides, and we’re getting some great ideas about how to improve the application in the future! We’ll keep you updated as we continue to improve the best presentation app on the web.

  • macsobel
    I'm blown away guys. Your work is exceptional and your devotion to share it is too.
  • Directory Submission
    I experimented with 280 slides to prepare my presentation for SEO training and I was very happy with the results. It is much easy to use than powerpoint. Thanks for creating this useful application for the web.
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