Announcing Atlas

This week we announced our next product, called Atlas, at the Future of Web Apps conference in Miami.

Atlas is a visual development tool for creating web applications using the Cappuccino framework. The best way to explain Atlas is to show it:

Think Vitamin has an article discussing Atlas in more detail.

We’re really excited about the ways Atlas could change the process of developing web applications. Atlas will allow developers to worry less about boilerplate user interface and glue code, just as the Cappuccino framework gives developers many common features expected by users, letting them focus on the ones specific to their applications.

Furthermore, Atlas allows non-programmers, such as many graphic designers, to join in on the process of actually building an application, rather than just providing mockups that must then be replicated in code by a developer.

Atlas will be available this summer. Sign up for updates on and we’ll let you know of the progress on Atlas.

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  • itjobs1
    Wow, Atlas really rocks! It seems to be even better than IB - especially when it comes to establishing bindings between views and controllers/models.
  • asdfhalksdf
    Hi there,

    Any news about a Release or a Beta date?
  • me
    it's in a pay-to-play beta so it's a no go. wont even touch it. i dont wanna pay to TEST a thing.
  • pixelmixture
    i'm in the process of begining a big flex atlas going to be released before september?
    (i will dump flex instantly for this project if atlas is released not too late)
  • Design
    Really interesting. I have to try it.
  • Terry Riegel
    I wonder if Atlas could be used to teach Cappuccino. I am trying to get my head around Objective-J and it looks like Atlas could be a great way to learn how it works.

    I remember back in the late 90's using various tools that generated HTML and how they helped me learn HTML. Now I would never use an automatic HTML generator as hand coding is the only way to get it right. But the WYSIWYG paradigm to learning HTML was invaluable. I think Atlas might just be the ticket to getting people onto Objective J.
  • sachauncey
    Hello, I love it .. and would like to know if the technology would allow me to create "my own Atlas" -- branded for my ap allowing end users to create interfaces for a Product I've developed. Is there a way I can contact you to explain?
  • cws
    It would be great if you could add some information about your progress and some additions, like if it will be free of charge or what will be the pricing, when is your planned ETA, if there will be a public beta phase, etc.
  • superstylink
    too cuorious to try Atlas .. is there already any beta ?
  • Adam Prall
    Great! I’m so tired of coding all the same old (*[email protected]#! by hand…
  • Chris
    I'm all giddy! I can't wait to try it out. I'm in awe of what this program could do for the web and creatives like me who have dreamed about creating a web app and iphone app but never had the technical knowledge. thanks guys!
  • Guy
    Hard not to notice that over and over you ended making the same 6 mouse clicks to make the widget fit the entire parent window. Maybe that could be come a single click?

    Very interesting!
  • Stefaan Lesage
    This looks quite interesting. Would love to take it out for a spin :-)


  • air-fan
    i want 280atlas NOW!!!!! PLEASE!
  • kvapil
    I´m so looking forward to trying Atlas.
  • CValdes
    Is there a beta program. Got a request to develop a blog/rss reader/picture posting thingy and wanted to play with it. I saw it at FOWA Miami and was totally awed!
  • Daan
    Looks great! Cant' wait to try it.
  • Marc Schlichte
    Wow, Atlas really rocks! It seems to be even better than IB - especially when it comes to establishing bindings between views and controllers/models.

    I have a question though, will Atlas be free tool or will you charge for it?

    Cheers and all the best,
  • Ross Boucher
    We haven't figured out the specific yet, but at least part of Atlas will charged for.
  • Teulon
    Apparently I'm the minority on this. I don't mind paying if the tool is worth it and as long as the price is reasonable for the functionality.
  • RC Shipp
    I'm one also who looks for a "no cost" product. There are competitive products that are no cost, so that is a big consideration for me and Starcom Microsystems. We are looking at several tools, including Silverlight 3 (of course) and NetBeans 6. Analyzing what they do, and how they line up with our skill set and project list. Cost as you can see would be an important factor.
  • Charlie
    Please don't go overboard on charging for it. I realise that you have to make money, but I've felt that for me, at least, having to manually create and position user interface elements has been a big turn off for using Cappuccino, and I think that at least offering the base features of 280 Atlas would be a good idea for Cappuccino adoption.
  • skippy
  • Victor
    Wow that is awesome! Just like Interface Builder.
    So is this going to be like an SDK for Cappucino?
  • stuffmc
    Watch how I'm excited about in this Seesmic!
  • stuffmc
    I can't believe I'm the first one to comment here ;) I'd like to watch the FOWA presentation, is there any place online where I can? I'm super excited by Atlas.
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