Cocoaheads Talk on Atlas & Cappuccino

Last week Francisco gave a talk about Cappuccino and Atlas at the Cocoaheads meetup in Silicon Valley. They recorded the event and posted it a few days ago, so we wanted to share it. Thanks to Scott Stevenson for setting up the event, and Intuit for hosting. Enjoy!

  • bjoern
  • Martin Kjems
    Are the slide available online ?
  • Hypnosis Training
    Amazing. Working on the iPhone, I’m realizing just how much I don’t like Objective-C. Rather, I like it in theory, but not in practice. It is dreadfully wordy, and it’s not a wordiness that helps readability or comprehension. A nightmare compared to Python or Ruby.
  • Shekhar Sahu
    Excellent presentation... being a 280slide user, i must say... it defines awesomeness!
  • tomarnfeld
    I want this,
    Now! :)
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