Hey everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Nick Small and I’m the newest member of the 280 North team. I started using Objective-J and Cappuccino the day they launched, and recently, Ross, Tom, and Francisco have hired me to help maintain and update 280 Slides. I’m working on some new features and updates, and I’ll also be helping respond to feedback and email. Finally, I’ll be posting here whenever there are updates to 280 Slides.

I look forward to helping improve 280 Slides to make it greater than it already is and working with the great team at 280 North. Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any issues with anything!

Nick Small

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  • Saqib Ali

    280 Slides is awesome! Can't wait to see what's coming next. :) Keep us updated.

  • Daniel Schildt
    Nice to hear that 280 North is expanding.

    I'm certainly hoping to see new features and more stable + faster interface to 280 Slides.
  • Jon
    Talking about updates: Isn't it time that you updated the Events pages? Or are you still looking forward to September, 2008?
  • Lane
    I use 280 Slides as a replacement for power point.
  • Boats for sale

    Good to see that 280 North is expanding. Ww use 280 slides for all our presentations for clients, simply because it means that everyone we present to does not need to own Power Point.

  • online high school
    That's great Nick..Keep uploading and this is good job.. We wanna see more and this makes us to expect from you much more..
  • Hotel rentals
    I use 280 slides for all my presentations for clients, and i waiting fore more stable and faster interface.
    Good job guys
  • Rumah Dijual
    i love 280 slides and been replacing powerpoint for some of my presentations. i hope there'll be much advanced features added in the future.
  • Nokia N_97 Price
    nice to read about you
  • Jennifer
    I am using 280 North. Good to know its expansion. Its very easy to work on powerpoint using this.
  • Mark
    What is the story behind the name 280 North?
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